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Meet our friendly and professional Murex Dive Resort Team
We are looking forward to welcoming you to North Sulawesi soon!

Pim van Schendel

Pim first dived in North Sulawesi in 2005, has lived here since 2007 and has been Dive Operations Manager at Murex Dive Resorts since 2013. Pim is originally from Weert in the Netherlands and says that he doesn’t miss the cold, green, murky waters for a minute. Pim not only manages dive operations, he is also involved in marketing and social media for both Murex resorts. Pim dives regularly himself and enjoys shooting underwater videos with his GoPro 5 – take a look at them on our Facebook page, some have also been used by PADI and Wetpixel. Pim is a PADI Instructor (MSDT) and says that he loves teaching the Open Water course because he can help beginners gain confidence in the water. Pim’s favorite dive sites are Tanjung Kelapa, Batu Pendeta and Nudifalls because of his love of soft corals.

When he’s not diving or busy around the resort, Pim spends his time going to the movies and taking his two children to the beach for snorkeling and sandcastle building. Pim also visits the annual dive shows in Europe so look out for him at one of the Murex Dive Resort stands and say “Hello”!

To find out more about Pim, read his Blog here.

Languages: Dutch, English, German, Indonesian.


Catherine “Dimpy” Jacobs

Jakarta born “Dimpy” is a PADI Instructor and Marine Biologist, having gained her degree in Marine Biology from UNSRAT University in Manado. Dimpy started working at Murex Dive Resorts in 2005 and she has now logged over 3,000 dives and certified divers from beginner level through to Divemaster. Dimpy is now our Training Coordinator and is kept busy with training new Murex Dive Guides about marine life and safe diving. Among her many accomplishments, in 2016 Dimpy became the first Indonesian to dive in the icy waters of Norway. Dimpy’s favorite dive site in Bunaken is Lekuan II because of the abundance of turtles, in Bangka Dimpy loves diving Tanjung Usi and looking for frogfish while in Lembeh she enjoys diving all of the sites because of her fascination with rare and unusual marine life – especially octopus. Dimpy spends most of her time at our critters@Lembeh Resort dive center so look out for her on your Passport to Paradise.

Dimpy is a passionate instructor who loves sharing her knowledge with student divers of all levels. When she is not teaching diving she can be found practicing her underwater photography skills around our amazing dive sites.

Languages: Indonesian, English.


Basrah Tan

Basrah is a PADI and NAUI Divemaster and Dive Guide Supervisor at Murex. Basrah has worked for the company since 1997, shortly after he came to Manado from his tiny home island of Banda Neira in the Moluccas – also known as the Spice Islands.

Basrah’s first year at Murex was spent working as a security guard before he was recognized for his friendly nature, love of the ocean and his team player attitude. Now, as Senior Dive Guide, Basrah trains new Dive Guides and organizes the dive schedule as well as still enjoying spending as much time diving as possible. Basrah says that diving for him is like being in paradise and being underwater is like being in his second home.

Basrah’s favorite dive site in Bunaken is Lekuan I where he loves the coral wall, Sahaung in Bangka for the soft corals and white tip reef sharks and Nudi Retreat in Lembeh for the combination of muck and coral and pygmy seahorses. Basrah has logged over 10,000 dives now in North Sulawesi and he says “It never gets boring – just better and better!”

To find out more about Basrah, read his Blog here.

Languages: Indonesian, English.


Laurens Pelealu

Laurens joined Murex in 2014 and is well known for always having a spring in his step and a big smile on his face. Laurens says this is because having a job which enables you to dive everyday makes it the best job in the world.

Laurens says he loves everything underwater from dugongs to decorator crabs and the best part of working at Murex is the variety of dive sites and marine life that we have here in North Sulawesi. In Bunaken, Mandolin is Laurens’ favorite dive site because it is a mix of wall and sloping reef, at Bangka he loves Batu Goso for the soft corals and because it is where he saw his first whale shark and in Lembeh he likes the black sand muck diving sites and searching for critters.

When Laurens is not diving he loves chatting with guests and learning about different cultures and when he’s at home there is nothing he likes more than spending time and playing with his two children.

To find out more about Laurens, read his Blog here.

Languages: Indonesian, English.


Hanny Katingide

Hanny is from Manado and he joined the Murex Team in 2003, working in the resort. After deciding to try diving he completed his Dive Guide training in 2009 and he now has over 4,000 logged dives around North Sulawesi. Hanny’s biggest passion is muck diving, critters and macro life. His favorite sites are City Extra in Manado Bay, Sampiri in Bangka and Air Bajo in Lembeh because they are all fantastic critter dives. Hanny is never happier than when he is diving over sand and searching for rare and weird marine life. Hanny says he loves diving, loves being underwater and finds critters fascinating. He is most excited when he spots a hairy frogfish, blue ring or mimic octopus because they are often very well camouflaged. Hanny says it’s rewarding to find these species and to be able to share the sighting with other divers.

When Hanny is not critter hunting he likes taking time out to chat with guests and spending family time playing with his two children.

Languages: Indonesian, English.