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Quick Overview:

Coral Gardens:
Coral reefs are the foundation of our marine environment. Learn more about corals with us in the heart of the Coral Triangle in North Sulawesi.

Ocean Gardener Coral Diver:
Take a three day course and learn to identify the most common coral genus. Become a certified Ocean Gardener!

Ocean Gardener One Day Experience:
Discover Coral Diving in this one day course.

Ocean Gardener

Ocean Gardener Coral Diver

The Coral Diver course will teach you how to identify different types of corals, which will enrich your diving experience. The Ocean Gardener Coral Diver is a three day certification course designed to teach you to identify the most common coral genus found thought the Indo-Pacifc.

Discover Coral Diving Intro Course

In the Discover Coral Diving Course you will learn about the basics of coral biology. You will make a dive on our house reef with a trained guide who will teach you to identify the six most common coral growth forms. During this dive you will also learn how to spot the difference between hard and soft corals.


Ocean Gardener Coral Diver

This 3 day course includes 5 dives on some of our world-class reefs. By the end of your program you will be able to identify 15 different coral genus including 10 hard corals and 5 soft corals. You’ll be introduced to coral restoration, visit a coral farm and plant you own coral fragment.

You’ll watch a few informative videos to explain how corals are formed and how they reproduce. You’ll also learn about the different types of corals (hard and soft) and how to identify them. You’ll be well on your way to becoming a coral spotting pro.

This is an incredible program for anyone who has an interest in marine biology, wants to improve their knowledge of corals or just wants to make 5 stunning dives and learn more about what they are seeing underwater. This is a wonderful enhancement to your stay in North Sulawesi!

Price: IDR 350,000 plus 5 dives* including:

  • 5 Ocean Training Dives
  • Ocean Gardener Professional Instruction
  • Official Ocean Gardener Online Certification
  • Recognition on OceanGardener.org
  • Set of 3 Coral identification slates

coral gardener

Discover Coral Diving

Do you want to learn more about corals? Does your fish knowledge far outweigh your coral knowledge? This is the perfect way to get started. In this easy one day program you’ll learn about corals and make a beautiful dive on our House Reef where you identify the corals that we have here in North Sulawesi – in the heart of the Coral Triangle.

Learning about corals can become addictive but it’s easy to upgrade this program to the complete Ocean Gardener Coral Diver Course at any time during your stay.

Price: IDR 350,000 plus 1 dive* including:

  • 1 House Reef Dive
  • Ocean Gardener Professional Instruction
  • Easy Upgrade Option to an Ocean Gardener Coral Diver certification course
  • A wonderful addition to your stay here in North Sulawesi

Coral Nursery Snorkeling Tour

Do you want to see our coral nursery? Take a snorkeling tour of the coral nursery and see new how the newest coral fragments are growing into strong and healthy corals prior to being transplanted onto the reef. This is a beautiful snorkeling session and you’ll see how the results of successful Ocean Gardening taking shape.

Price: IDR 350,000 plus 1 snorkeling session* including:

  • Guided snorkeling tour of the coral nursery
  • Boat transfers to and from the nursery site
  • Ocean Gardener snorkeling guide
Lihunu Village tour

Children from Lihunu Village gathered on the jetty

Coral Nursery Snorkeling and Lihunu Village Tour

Why not combine your snorkeling of the coral nursery with a tour of the local village too? Once you have finished snorkeling you’ll go to shore and take a walk around our neighboring village of Lihunu, meet the friendly locals, visit the school and admire the colorful houses and their picket-fenced gardens. The village tour is a chance to see how the local islanders live on Bangka and you’re sure to meet some of our staff and their families along the way too. The children are always excited and curious about “bule” (travelers) visiting and love to pose for photographs. You’ll be greeted by friendly faces and gain a wonderful insight into daily island life on Bangka. After the village tour you will stroll back to the jetty where our snorkeling boat will be waiting to take you back to Murex Bangka Resort.

Price: IDR 450,000 plus 1 snorkeling session* including:

  • Guided snorkeling tour of the coral nursery
  • Boat transfers to and from the nursery site
  • Ocean Gardener snorkeling guide
  • Guided walking tour of Lihunu Village

* Dives / snorkeling sessions may be paid for additionally or taken from any prepaid package

About Ocean Gardener

We are extremely proud to work with Ocean Gardener at Both Murex Bangka and Murex Manado. Ocean Gardener believe in “Preserving and Protecting Living Coral Reef Ecosystems”.  We hope that by offering Ocean Gardener programs and encouraging divers to learn more about corals we will create coral reef ambassadors who will ensure the longevity of our reefs in the future. Join an Ocean Gardener Course while you are with us and be at the forefront of reef conservation.

Ocean Gardener

Explore More

If you’d like to see all of the highlights of North Sulawesi in one trip we recommend our Passport to Paradise program which allows you to discover 3 distinct diving areas (Bunaken-Bangka-Lembeh) with seamless boat diving transfers from resort to resort. No packing and drying gear, no wasted travel days – just dive, dive, dive!

Passport to Paradise

Passport to Paradise: Explore 3 distinct regions and become an Ocean Gardener in Manado or Bangka


Passport to Paradise and Murex Resort stays can be combined with Day Tours in North Sulawesi as well as diving combination holidays in Bali, Nusa Lembongan and Raja Ampat.

Let us know your requirements and we can tailor make your travel itinerary to ensure you experience the best that North Sulawesi has to offer.


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