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North Sulawesi Land Tours and other Non-Diving Activities

Enjoy a little glimpse of traditional Minahasan culture and see some of the amazing sights that North Sulawesi has to offer. We offer a variety of different land based excursions and land tours. For more information, questions and prices for any of our tours and activities, please enquire with our Guest Relations Team.

Minahasa Highland Tour

Our Minahasa Highland Tour is a perfect way to explore the area and learn all about the local culture and history that stems from this region. We can tailor this land tour to take in the sights that are of most interest to you, please read through the short description below. If you have any more questions, please speak to our Guest Relations Supervisor.

Tomohon Traditional Markets – The Highlands climate is perfect for growing a variety of plants and foodstu?s. Visit both the Traditional Flower Market and Jungle Food Market, where you can see a variety of local specialties for sale.

Woloan & Pulutan Villages – Visit the local villages where specialized industries are booming! See Traditional Minahasa Houses being built and Traditional Pottery being made.

Lake Linow – The colors of this lake change due to its highly sulfurous nature and the changing light. Many bird species make this area their home. Watch out for bubbling mud holes as you walk around! This is a lovely spot to stop and enjoy a beverage and soak up the views.

Lake Tondano – The largest lake in the region and the second largest in the country. The flat land surrounding the lakes is perfect for growing rice and this is one of the main industries in this area.

Mahawu Volcano Tour – Want to do something a bit active? Arriving at the base of Mount Mahawu, we will take a short trek to the crater’s edge where you can enjoy amazing views over to Bunaken and Manado Tua Islands.

Waruga – Historical Minahasa Stone Graves – Listen to the local caretaker tell you the history of this fascinating tradition. The journey to and from Tondano to this location is absolutely stunning with sweeping vistas of coconut and spice trees. We can also visit some Waruga that are also still in the original location in Nawanua, close to Manado. Close to the Watu Penawetengan, we can visit a factory where they produce Batik fabric and other local handicrafts.

We will have lunch at Lake Tondano, or a local restaurant that serves Traditional Minahasan Cuisine depending on the itinerary that you choose. Lunch and any Entrance Fees are included in the price.

Departure Time: 8am

Duration: Approximately 7 – 8 hours

Tangkoko National Park Tour

Black Makak- websizedThis is the ideal tour for Nature Lovers! Tangkoko National Park is home to the smallest primate in the world – The Tarsier. Based at the foot of the Dua Saudara Moutain, the area is a mixture of rolling hills and valleys. We will walk through the Park in search of the Black Crested Macaque, Hornbills, KusKus and Maleo birds as well as learning about the local fauna and ?ora along the way. The Park is approximately a 2 hour drive from Murex Manado. Preferably wear long pants and a long-sleeved top, spray on the mosquito repellent and DON’T FORGET YOUR CAMERA AND YOUR FLASHLIGHT!! Price includes guide and entrance fee into the National Park.

Departure Time: 1.00pm

Duration: Approximately 5-6 hours

Tasik Oki

We suggest you add on Tasik Oki as a stop during your Tangkoko land tour. Visitors are welcome to the education centre building from where the tour begins with an overview of the work of the Masarang Foundation and the wildlife rescue activities at Tasik Oki. The tour finishes at the lodge with opportunities to see the panoramic view from the observation tower. Some of the wildlife enclosures will be visited, but several areas are restricted to avoid stress to the wildlife under rehabilitation. Species likely to be seen include wildlife native to Sulawesi such as the Babirusa, as well as a variety of non-native species confiscated from the illegal wildlife trade along the smuggling route across our borders. Examples include a host of bird species from Papua and the Molluccan Islands to Bornean wildlife such as Sunbears and Orangutans. Professional photographers are asked to donate any photos taken on-site for educational use.

For more information please visit the Tasik Oki website

Departure Time: 9:00am

Duration: Approximately 8:00pm

Minahasan Cuisine Cooking Class

Learn how to prepare and cook a variety of local Minahasan dishes with our Head Cook. Afterwards sit down for a fabulous meal cooked by you! We ask for one days notice so that we can purchase the necessary ingredients for the dishes of your choice.

Duration and price – Dependent of length of the course.

North Sulawesi Mangrove Tour

Paddle through one of the oldest mangrove forests in the world. Listen to the sound of the river and various birds chirping along the ride. Through a series of impressive adaptations, including a filtration system that keeps out much of the salt in the water and a complex root system, the mangrove ecosystem also supports an incredible diversity of creatures, some unique to mangrove forests. Located in the southern part of Bunaken National Park, it takes approximately 1.5 hours to drive from Murex Manado. After the boat tour we will stop for lunch at a local farm and watch how the locals fetch coconut to make copra.

Depart Murex Resort: 7.30 AM

Duration: Approximately 7 Hours

North Sulawesi White Water Rafting

Murex Manado offers White Water Rafting tours through a local operator. This wet and wild experience makes for a thrilling adventure! The adrenaline gets pumping as you race down the river through the rainforest with an experienced guide. Bring your booties and some waterproof suntan lotion on this one. The journey down the river will take about an hour and a half. Lunch will be served at the hotel after you return to the hotel.

Depart Murex Resort: 9 AM

Duration: Approximately 5 hours

Massage, Pedicure and Manicure

Ask our Guest Relations Team to arrange to have a therapist, from the spa in the village, come directly to your room.


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