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<span>Bangka</span>Dive Sites

BangkaDive Sites

See world famous dive sites in Bangka Island

Batu Goso – Bangka Island

Batu Goso consists of a series of steep pinnacles rising up from the ocean just off Bangka Island. There are two drift dives in this area, starting at opposite ends of pinnacles, around and through coral-covered pinnacles with a moderate slope beneath them. As you approach the site, waves can be seen crashing against the pinnacles, sending the whitewater everywhere. The dive ranges from 5-35m and there can be a strong current present. There is enough topography to allow divers to ‘eddy out’ of currents and watch the abundance of marine life around them. Highlights include:

  • White Tip & Black Tip Sharks
  • Turtles & Groupers
  • Yellow, green and red soft corals.

Sahaung – Bangka Island

Sahaung also consists of a series of underwater boulders and pinnacles that barely break the surface of the ocean. There are two dives in this area on separate pinnacles. These pinnacles consist of a continuously sloping bottom with several shelves as you descend. The dives range from 5 – 35 m. There can be strong currents and surge at shallower depths. Highlights include:

    • Big table coral, often with White Tip Reef Sharks resting under them;
    • An abundance of green and purple soft coral; and
    • A multitude of fish including Jack, Dog Tooth Tuna, Barracuda, Red Tooth Triggerfish, and huge school of Blue Striped Snappers.

Resting Baby White Tip Sharks Sahaung Bangka Island

Batu Mandi – Sulawesi Mainland

alt=”Batu Goso Dive Site Bangka” width=”665″ height=”444″>This dive is located just opposite of Bangka Island off the northern tip of Sulawesi, off the shore of Pulisan. This dive is a series of underwater pinnacles rising from a sandy bottom. This is a shallower dive ranging from 5 to 25m. Besides the abundance of hard and soft corals and numerous reef fish, some of the highlights are:

    • Pygmy Sea Horses;
    • Cuttle Fish; and
    • Giant and Warty Frog Fish.

Batu Pendeta – Sulawesi Mainland

Located east of Batu Mandi and with vegetation similar to Sahaung. This is an advanced dive because of the strong current that can occur here and the depth of the dive. Dropping down in the blue you will have to dive straight down to 25m, where the reef starts. This site consists of several large submerged rocks with one pinnacle up out of water, situated on a reef plateau about 15 meters deep. There is a drop-off with canyons where you can ‘eddy out’ of the current and observe many Sweetlips, Dogtooth Tuna, Jacks, and Sharks.

Dive Site Batu Pendetta Bangka Island

Sabora – Bangka Island

Located just around the corner of the resort, this coral slope offers a huge variety of fish and critters. A resident school of Blue Stripe Snappers welcomes you when you go down. Between the corals lives a whole array of Nudibranchs, and your dive guide will show you several types of Pygmy Seahorses. You will spend your safety stop looking at huge sea fans scattered across the reef slope. Night dives in particular are very good here.


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