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Dive map of sites around Bunaken Marine Park and Bangka Island

There are many dive sites around Manado Bay, Bunaken, Bangka, Pulisan and Lembeh to choose from. View these dive site maps and choose your favourite dive sites to dive. A description of our personal favourite dive sites in Manado and Bunaken can be found here. A description of our personal favourite dive sites in Bangka can be found here. Make sure to talk to your Murex dive guide when you are here. He can take you to the dive sites of your wish. The numerous dive sites offer a huge variation and many of them can be dived over and over again without seeing the same thing twice. Study the dive sites and prepare yourself for your upcoming trip to Murex Manado or Murex Bangka.

Bunaken & Manado Bay Dive Map

Dive map of sites around Manado


Bangka Island and North Sulawesi’s Mainland Dive Map

Dive map with sites at Bangka Island

Map of popular dive sites around Bangka Island and North Sulawesi mainland


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I spent a wonderful week at Murex Bangka Resort in April 2014. The individual air-conditioned cottages were basic, yet clean, and quite lovely in their simplicity. The food was very good, and the fresh fruit shakes were delightful. I thoroughly enjoyed being “away from it all” in this idyllic setting, together with the warmth and […]

Patricia ‘PJ’ Jordan (USA)