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Why Dive Manado, Bunaken, Bangka and Lembeh with Murex Dive Resorts?

Simply put, there’s no dive center that knows the Bunaken National Marine Park, Manado Bay, Bangka Island and Lembeh Strait better than we do. As North Sulawesi’s pioneering dive resort and five-star PADI center, we are always eager to try new ways to add to your diving experience. Because of our passion for all things diving and the amazing biodiversity in North Sulawesi, we constantly look for ways to bring new experiences to our guests. Dive Manado, Bunaken, Bangka and Lembeh!

  • Passport to Paradise Map Bunaken Bangka LembehOur founder, Dr. Batuna, was the first certified diver based in the area
  • First dive center to introduce Nitrox in North Sulawesi – Enabling divers to enjoy the wonders of our reefs in Bunaken Marine Park, Bangka and especially in Lembeh Strait.
  • Pioneer dive live-aboard in North Sulawesi, discovering many of the major dive areas dived today.
  • First to explore, dive and set up a base in Buyat Bay.
  • First and only in-house full-time Marine Biologist on staff at critters@Lembeh Resort
  • Only dive guides trained and quizzed regularly on marine life & behavior in the area.
  • First fully equipped photo center, staffed with a full-time Photo Pro on site at cameras@Lembeh Resort

Continuing the tradition of firsts, we are now the first to offer an option to “stay at and dive in” all three North Sulawesi areas in one dive holiday. We are innovators in North Sulawesi!

Our Dive Centers – 5* PADI Facilities

Murex Manado and Bangka dive centers are PADI facilities; they are run by Danny and Angelique, the daughter of founder Dr. Hanny Batuna, “Hero of the Sea.” Danny and Angelique originally opened critters@Lembeh at the Lembeh Resort back in 2002 and have built that dive center into a world-class operation. The Murex dive centers are working closely and in partnership with critters@Lembeh Resort to create a professional, consistent level of safety and superior guest services at each property.

Murex dive centers are an Aqua Lung partner center and offer full dive equipment rentals. Particular tools can also be rented, such as torches, for night dives in Manado Bay. We also stock many spare parts that are available for sale. After your dive, come back and relax or fill out your log book with the help of our dive guides and reference materials.

The equipment rinsing/drying facilities are only steps from the boat. After your first day of diving, our dive team will see that your equipment is carried, rinsed and stored properly. For all subsequent dives, it will be loaded on the boat assembled and ready for your use. Our boat crews and dive guides will treat underwater photographers’ camera gear with the respect it—and you—deserve. Wetsuits are rinsed daily and washed in neoprene soap after the last dive of your dive holiday.

Our Dive Boats

Murex Manado boat diving

Murex Dive Boat

Murex has a special bond with our boat builder. Our founder, Dr. Batuna, sponsored this gentleman to go to trade school to learn how to build boats. Since that time, Murex and critters@Lembeh have had most of our boats built with our neighbor, friend, and local boat builder. In fact, we have just newly built and re-built our fleet. Our boats are spacious, covered, and all have an onboard toilet. They are powered by two four-stroke engines which are more fuel efficient and make for a quieter ride than the old two-stroke. All our boats are equipped with communications devices, oxygen, proper life jackets, life ring, first aid kit, water gallons, guest towels and a rinse bucket for masks. The dive ladders are easy to climb and we have plenty of room to carry your underwater camera and a fresh water bucket for a quick rinse. Ask about private dive boats and private guides.

Murex Dive Staff

Dive Manado, Bunaken, Bangka and Lembeh

Murex Bangka dive crew

Our Dive Operations Manager, Pim van Schendel, has been in the dive industry since 2003, and during that time has been diving in North Sulawesi for the past seven years. Pim is a PADI Master Scuba Dive Trainer and speaks Dutch, German, English, and Indonesian. Most of our local dive guides have been with us for years and are extremely experienced at guiding guests. They know the dive sites intimately and go out of their way to show you the interesting creatures that inhabit them. Our in-house Marine Biologist at critters@Lembeh Resort works regularly with our guides and trains them in marine life, frequently quizzing our guides to make sure they are knowledgeable and able to help divers with identification. Our dive guides are also instructed on the best techniques to “capture critters” by our in-house Photo Pro.
Lastly, the friendly and cheerful people of North Sulawesi will win you over. Our professional, courteous and attentive service will be as memorable as to dive Manado, Bunaken, Bangka and Lembeh.

Dive Briefings and Safety

Dive Manado, Bunaken, Bangka and Lembeh

Briefing by Murex guide Basrah

Dive briefings are mandatory and comprehensive. All of our dive crew are fluent in English, and all of our guides are knowledgeable about our dive sites and brief you on the best way to dive them, so you know what to expect while highlighting that site’s particular attributes. Briefings start with a description of the site, how you’ll dive the site on that day in those conditions, what you may need to watch out for (e.g. sea urchins, poisonous critters, current, etc.), and usually include a “wish list” of what we hope to see on that site based on recent dives.

Dive Manado, Bunaken, Bangka and Lembeh in the safest way possible. All our boats carry oxygen and all essential personnel are fully trained in its use. There is a hyperbaric (re-compression) chamber at Manado General Hospital, which Murex’s founder and owner, Dr. Batuna, originally organized. The chamber is currently maintained with the support of the North Sulawesi Water Sports Association (NSWA)

We take the filling of tanks very seriously here at Murex. We produce the highest quality gas, including both normal air and Nitrox, and through independent testing, we scored higher than industry standards. It’s not required in Indonesia, but all of our tanks are annually cleaned, serviced, visually inspected, and have up-to-date hydrostatic testing. In addition, our compressors and filters are routinely serviced and maintained to offer you the highest quality of compressed air and Nitrox. Our tanks are also oxygen-cleaned and oxygen-compatible, and all of this is important for your breathing comfort. Here at Murex and critters@Lembeh we feel the extra cost and effort is well worth it for your safety and comfort. While it’s not often considered, we believe it to be of vital importance.

Murex Dive Flexibility

We tailor the diving to your level of experience and personal preferences with limited numbers to ensure individual attention. This way you dive Manado, Bunaken, Bangka and Lembeh in the best way possible.

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