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Murex Dive Resort Manado

Murex Manado ViewMurex Manado Resort is located on a black sand beach, where you can enjoy scenic views and spectacular sunsets. The resort grounds are a shady retreat, covered with trees, flora and fauna. Naturally growing on the property are a variety of palms, mango, avocado, nam-nam and guava trees, to name a few. Profusions of wild orchids, hibiscus, birds of paradise and many other flowers grow throughout the property; surround yourself in the sounds of nature at Murex Manado.


The Murex Manado Bungalows

Murex Manado BungalowLocated in a “botanical garden,” our fifteen bungalows are surrounded with wildflowers and orchids. Three rivers run through the property, diverted to make Koi ponds, creating soothing brooks for a relaxing, peaceful atmosphere. We have twelve garden-view bungalows and three ocean-and-pool-view bungalows. All guest rooms include 24-hour electricity, en-suite bathroom with hot water, air-conditioning, a king-size bed or twin beds, verandah, wardrobe, table and chair, refillable bottles of water, and complimentary tea and coffee. Our ocean-view bungalows have open air showers.


The Restaurant

Gazebo Murex ManadoDine al fresco on the terrace next to the water’s edge for your morning breakfast and watch the morning sun’s golden rays light up the nearby dormant volcano, Manado Tua. Dinner may be served in our restaurant next to one of our Koi ponds.

The Pool

Murex Manado PoolMurex Manado’s pool overlooks the ocean and often receives a cool ocean breeze coupled with warm rays of sun. After a day of diving, jump in for a refreshing dip! It’s also a wonderful spot at the end of the day to sit in the lounge chairs watching the sunset. The deepest part of our pool is four meters, purposely built for training and so is perfect for your PADI pool sessions.

Dive Center

Murex Manado is a PADI facility. Murex Dive Center is also an Aqua Lung partner center and offers full dive equipment rentals. We stock many spare parts that are available for sale and you can always rent a torch for a night dive. The equipment rinsing/drying facilities are only steps from the boat! See our dive page for a complete description.

Daycare at Murex Dive Resorts

Caridee and Noah childcareMurex Dive Resorts are family-run and friendly, so we understand as much as anyone could that a true holiday must include some parental “me-time,” too. Whether it’s a candlelit dinner at our al fresco restaurant, a day of diving, or a land tour, Murex Manado Resort is ready to take up the mantel by providing local, reputable caretakers. Indonesians revere children and, in most cases, our local “nannies” have helped raise the resort owners’ children from infancy. For kids a bit older we have local staff who are more than willing to entertain and keep an eye on your children. Murex Manado Resort is run as a small community and you can go about your vacation with the knowledge that someone is available to take care of your children as if they were their own.

*Note: Our childcare providers are NOT licensed, but have life experience caring for children.

Murex…Private Estate to Family Friendly Dive Resort

Murex Manado is located in Kalasey, 30 minutes southwest of Manado. So close to town, the Kalasey land was originally a weekend retreat for the Batuna family. Directly on the beach and shaded with palm trees, flora and fauna, the property was the ideal spot to get away from the noise of town. With a modest house on the property (now the dive center) and plenty of land it was the perfect place to host weekend retreats for their family, friends and expats living and working in the area. Diving, snorkeling and BBQ’s on the beach were the plan for the day. As more and more people came to visit the estate, it quickly started to grow into a resort. The Batuna’s realized their little retreat was not big enough to host all the people who wanted to come, dive and share this wonderful experience.

The verdant paradise of the Murex estate, with the excellent home cooking and family aura…” – Mark Erdmann PhD

Murex Manado Garden View Cottage

Soon eager divers realized that Bunaken and Bangka were not only wonderful areas to dive, but being in the Coral Triangle, excellent places to do research. With Dr. Batuna’s conservation efforts and Mrs. Batuna’s hospitality, Murex Manado quickly became a home away from home for many researchers and underwater photographers. Through the years, dive legends in research, film, and photography have stayed at Murex Resorts.

Murex Manado still has the same warm welcome and family atmosphere. Our guests love staying with us because they quickly become one of the family. Manadonese hospitality is legendary: We are truly interested in you as a person and we are never too busy to stop and have a chat, sharing our love of North Sulawesi and its underwater realm with you.

See our Murex Bangka Resort, a diver’s paradise.

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Trip Advisor Review


I’ve been blessed to have spent a week with the Murex Dive crew completing my PADI dive course. After completing the online component, Pim and the boat crew facilitated the water part of my course. All the staff were so good; friendly, accommodating and wonderful to meet. The room was comfortable, the food aplenty and […]

Tracey Scott (Australia)

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