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North Sulawesi’s Pioneer Dive Family

Murex Dive Resorts was founded in 1987 by Dr. Hanny Batuna and Mrs. Batuna. As the first scuba diver in North Sulawesi, Dr. Batuna pioneered many of the dive sites we dive today. He was instrumental in providing the only recompression chamber in Manado and the first conservationist in the area, a passion his daughter, Angelique, continues. At ADEX 2014, Dr. Batuna was inducted as a board member to the Historical Diving Society.

Dr. Hanny Batuna & Mrs Batuna Dancing

“-theirs was a life deeply connected to the ocean” – Carden Wallace, PhD

“Dr. Batuna leaves behind a vision in motion, and a world of friends, employees, and grateful divers who experience the results of his life’s work every day.” – Lia Barrett – UW photographer & DPG editor – From WWII to present –

Today Angelique and her husband Daniel (Danny) Charlton, both avid divers and marine conservationist’s have taken over management of both the Murex properties. Danny Charlton and Angelique originally started and built critters@Lembeh Resort the dive center located in Lembeh Resort. Along with their dedicated staff they are responsible for what it is today, a world class dive center!

Batuna’s Dive Discoveries Through the Years

Dr. & Mrs. Batuna launched one of Indonesia’s first live-aboards, the Serenade. Aboard the Serenade, the Batuna family continued pioneering dive sites throughout the entire North Sulawesi region and Sangihe islands. After 20 years of cruising, the Serenade discontinued service, but the family’s adventurous spirit has continued. In 2002 they opened Murex Bangka, a small resort on the Southwestern tip of Bangka Island. At that time, Bangka’s dive center partnered with critters@Lembeh.

Today, Angelique and Danny are managing all three dive centers and both Murex Dive Resorts. As owners and managers, they want to bring their love of diving North Sulawesi to divers around the world, so they have created the perfect package where divers can explore three distinctive dive destinations, beginning at one location and seamlessly moving between one or all of our other dive centers and properties. It’s the teamwork between resorts and within our dive centers, our fast, comfortable dive boats, and some of Indonesia’s best scuba diving that make for a winning recipe on our Passport to Paradise package.

Batuna - Charlton family

“[He’s a] Hero of the sea” – Mark Erdmann PhD – Director of Marine Conservation with Conservation International.

Danny and Angelique’s children have been brought up within the family business and love diving and snorkeling too! They love to meet kids from around the world and show them their underwater playground with healthy coral gardens and soft corals in bloom. The kids can play in our tropical gardens at Murex Manado or collect shells on our white sand beach at Murex Bangka. Be careful though; you don’t want to pay overweight charges for your luggage if the kids try and carry back all the beautiful shells. Come for a visit to Murex Dive Resorts and join the Batuna family in their love and passion for diving and their native land in North Sulawesi!

See our resort at Bangka Island.


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