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Murex Manado

Murex Manado

Dive the Walls of Bunaken Marine Park

Dive the Walls of Bunaken Marine Park

Comfortable Boat Transfers between Resorts with 2 Dives along the Way

Comfortable Boat Transfers between Resorts with 2 Dives along the Way

Murex Bangka

Murex Bangka

Giant Frogfish at Home in a Bangka Soft Coral Garden

Giant Frogfish at Home in a Bangka Soft Coral Garden

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Welcome to Murex

Since 1987, Murex has hosted scuba divers from all over the world and continues to provide quality service within a tranquil, tropical resort setting. Murex Resort and Murex Bangka are friendly family-run resort located in Manado, North Sulawesi – Indonesia. It all started with local conservationist and dive pioneer, Dr. Hanny Batuna. The resorts are now operated by his daughter, Angelique and her husband Danny Charlton, who are equally concerned about the preservation and protection of our reefs and marine life.As the pioneer dive resort in North Sulawesi, we were the first to introduce and offer Nitrox, we were the first to open a dive center on Bangka Island, the first to explore the northern islands of Sangihe and we were the first to have our own in house Marine Biologist, based in Lembeh Strait, train and regularly test our dive guides in underwater marine life. We are innovators in North Sulawesi!

Our experience and knowledge, combined with a long tradition of personalized service assures that every guest is treated as a friend. Let us coordinate your North Sulawesi holiday and show you the wonders of Bunaken National Park, Bangka island area and Lembeh Strait. We’ll have you diving along the way to offer you more dives and make your transfers between resorts enjoyable on our Passport to Paradise package (another first for the area).

Diving Around Murex

Bunaken Soft CoralsFew dive destinations match the diversity found in North Sulawesi. Known for clear warm waters, steep walls, abundant hard coral, fish and turtle life, Bunaken Marine Park is easily accessed from Murex. In recent years, Manado Bay has become popular for finding critters for divers who want to experience muck diving. Bangka island offers white sandy bottoms, pinnacles, colorful soft corals and it even has critters. Both Bunaken & Bangka have stable, healthy and diverse fish life. In many areas strong currents bring nutrient-rich water from the ocean depths close to shore, creating one of the most beautiful coral environments.

Muck enthusiasts who venture to the waters of Lembeh Strait on our Passport to Paradise package have endless opportunities for finding and photographing rare and unusual critters. Our Motto at Lembeh Resort is “Keep Lembeh Weird!” But don’t be fooled, if you want to mix it up and dive reef with soft coral, no problem Lembeh Resort and Critters@Lembeh, our partner dive shop, can show you that too.

…that wall was overhanging with soft corals and golden sea fans” Michael Aw

In terms of sheer diversity and variety of scuba diving, North Sulawesi is quite possibly one of the best dive destinations in the world. Explore 3 Distinctive Dive Destinations on our Passport to Paradise package.

Murex Manado our Tropical Garden

Pond cottageMurex Manado Resorts property is located in a lush tropical garden, local flora and fauna surrounds our bungalows, while three rivers meander through the property as they make their way out to our black sand beach before finally reaching the ocean. Take a moment to relax on your terrace listening to the sounds of nature, feeding the Koi fish in our ponds. Murex cuisine is consistently tasty, always fresh and varied with local, European and Chinese influences bestowed to this area. Located south of Manado directly across from Bunaken National Park we are able to offer a wide range of diving. A normal dive day consists of two dives in the park and one dive along the coast of Manado Bay.

Murex Bangka Our Secluded Paradise

RoomExtBkaLocated between Bunaken and Lembeh Strait, Murex Bangka Resort is nestled under shady trees in a romantic Robinson Crusoe type atmosphere just a stone’s throw away from our secluded white sand beach. We offer simple cottages and made of natural timber and contemporary bungalows with spectacular ocean views of our crystal clear turquoise waters. Plunge into the lagoon, the coral garden on our house reef offers excellent snorkeling and diving! Underwater photographers can shoot wide angle or macro, it’s up to you, we have both. Bangka is the perfect location to access all the dive sites in this area and a memorable stop on our Passport to Paradise package.

Non Diving Activities

Murex also offers a myriad of non-diving activities. Our guests can enjoy spectacular highland tours, horseback riding, guided treks in Tangkoko National Wildlife Preserve, volcano trekking, trips to traditional marketplaces and white water rafting. Or try the ever popular “non-activity” doing nothing but lazing on our private beaches at Murex Manado, Murex Bangka or we’ll pack you a lunch and you can take a day trip across to our secluded beach at Pulisan on the mainland. Children are welcome at Murex and always make fast-friends enjoying a fun-filled time with our staff’s children. So, whether you’re looking for serious diving or just wanting to see the exotic sights of North Sulawesi, Murex will make it even better than you dreamed.

Passport To Paradise

Can you imagine diving all year round at more than 150 dive sites with 1000 reef fish species? You Can!

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